blog challenge #5

14 04 2014

the memory that changed my decision was when I was playing hockey I carried the puck in front of our team’s net and they took the puck from my and scored:(. now when I play hockey I always carry the puck up the boards. now I don’t let them score.

5 04 2014

Top ten video games

Here are my top 10 favourite video games

  1.  Minecraft
  2. Clash of Clans
  3.  QuizUp
  4.  Injustice
  5.  Zombie road trip
  6. Angry birds go
  7. Pixel gun
  8. Bloons TD 5
  9.  Major Mayham
  10. Sprinkle

These are the top ten most used apps from the app store on April 5th:

  1.  Sumotri Dreams
  2.  Monument Valley
  3.  Minecraft
  4.  Heads Up!
  5.  Afterlight
  6.  Bridge Constructor
  7.  Cut the Rope 2
  8.  Sleep Cycle alarm clock
  9.  SkinneePix
  10.  Plague Inc.

You can find all of these apps at the app store!

my autism art

3 04 2014


Math art

1 04 2014



31 03 2014

preview42 pieceFace-smile

24 03 2014

It is important to check the privacy setting of a new device.  It is important to check the settings because new devices may not have very secure default settings.  If the settings are not really secure, anyone can go on your profile and check your personal information  on facebook, twitter and instagram.  They can  find out your name, were you live and what school you go to.  they can also access all of your posts.  They can pretend to be you on-line and get you into trouble by saying mean things about other people or download bad games or content on your account.  That is why you should always check your privacy settings when you get a new device.

24 03 2014


Student blog challenge #2

19 03 2014

This avatar looks like me because I have the same hair colour and the same hair style. Like on the avatar, my eyebrows are covered. My mouth also looks like the one in the avatar. The biggest difference is that I have a nose.EvanAvatar


journal #10

17 03 2014

March 17th


Today my dad taught me how to play the picking part of “thunder struck”. Thunder struck is a song by AC/DC. Right now I play the ukulele but I think that the electric guitar is cool. #thunder struck is awesome.

journal #9

12 03 2014

March 12th


Today was my third day of sports camp. When I was watching the news this morning I heard that there was going to be a snow storm. My mom and my dad told that they might pick me up early from camp so the roads would not be too busy. At the last snack that we were aloud to have. My dad picked me up. When we were on the road we kept on slipping because of the ice. Then when we got home I watched family guy with my brother. That was a fun day at camp.