My interest

I have liked Pokemon cards since I was 6 years old. They are cool because there are different types of creatures (grass, fire, water ect.) that have different powers and moves. There are also different species of Pokemon. My favourite card is DarkriDarkrai but, there is so many more cards I like it is hard to choose! Lots of people like to trade cards. I like to trade cards and battle with them. Some people have full art cards which has a picture that covers the whole card. Those cards are rare to get! Last night I went to Walmart and got a 60 card pack. I split it with my brother. My brother and I got a legendary card called XerneasXerneas. I also bought a 10 card pack which had Reshiram EX. I was lucky because EX’s are one of the rarest to find in a pack. I think that I will like Pokemon cards for a long time.

Dylan’s Blog is Awesome!

I would like to nominate Dylan’s blog. I like his blog because he talks about lots of things like his favourite movie, why he likes and dislikes grade 6 and why he is happy with his blog. He put a cool video in the background that showed two people using exercise balls to bounce off each other. He puts lots of emotions in his posts. For example, he talked about doing a quiz on the computer and just before he finished the computer logged him off. He was so angry! I think that the game he reviewed might be cool and I will try it out sometime. All the pictures he includes in his post really catch my attention. I also like the ‘Keep Calm’ he did about grade 6 because I am going to grade 6 next year. These are the reasons that I am nominating Dylan’s blog You should check out Dylan’s blog!

Blog challenge #9

I want to live in a big mansion in vegas.  In that mansion I want quartz walls.  I want the floors to be marble.  I want to have a big flat screen tv on the wall.  I also want to have a wife and kids that like to do things that I like to do.  My brother want’s to live beside me.


I want a corvette or lamborghini that is black with white racing stripes.  I also want to have a bluetooth phone in my car so I can keep in touch with my friends and family.


For my phone I want a iphone 10.  That has a fast connection.  I want to have a rubber case that protects my phone very well.  I also want a plan that costs not a lot of money so I can save up more money for the things that I need.

iphone 10

For my job I want to be an architect so I can design things.  I also want a 3-D printer so I can print out the design to show people what it will look like.  I also want to be a guitar teacher.  That is what I want to do with my life.

What I like to do outside

I like to ride my bike outside because I can get around fast. I also like to ride my bike because it exercises my leg muscles. I like to ride my bike when it is hot outside. I have a gear bike so I can put the gear higher and go faster but it is harder to peddle. In a forest that my family and I found there is a big jump and whenever we go there I always do the jump. I can also go far distances with my bike. That is why I like to ride my bike.

photo (3)

What I am proud of

photo (2)

I am proud of my accomplishments playing hockey for the Meadowvale Hawks during the past six years.

The medals and trophies show how hard I have worked during that time. Each medal and trophy remind me of how much fun it was to play for each coach and I still see many of the players I played with at the arena each week. I also have hockey pucks on the second shelf I got some of them from playing hockey and some from going to hockey games.