Wind Power


Out of the three videos, I thought the video on wind power by GE was the most interesting. The message that was being presented from the ad was wind power is strong and that wind can be put to good use. It was effectively presented to me by the little boy capturing wind in a jar and when he opens the jar wind blows out the candles of the grandfather’s cake and lot’s of other stuff around the house. I did some research and the drawbacks of wind power that are being left out are;

  • wind turbines are noisy and really bother people that live close to them (wind turbine syndrome)

  • birds get hit with the blades while they are migrating

  • turbines can generate limited power if not in the right location or not maintained.

My experience is that the local turbine at Lisgar GO station is often locked and not spinning. The video reminds me of watching both sides of the oil sands argument in class. The video serves the interest of General Electric which makes and sells wind turbines. The video was made to persuade people that wind energy is good and to buy or support wind energy. I think that if wind turbines are in the right location, wind power is a good source of energy.

If you to research this topic here are some links

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